#❤️👢 Tailor Mades

So you'd like to #giveyourlovertheboot but you're not sure which boot's best? No problem. We know people are picky about their footwear, and since we're talking gifts that last a lifetime, might as well get it right and let your lucky loved one customize their own pair.

Simply choose the amount you'd like to spend. Use the hashtag #giveyourlovertheboot at checkout and we'll mail over a charming little package with a custom consultation invitation, measuring instructions and a tailor's tape* for you to present on Valentine's Day**. 

• Entirely customizable 
• No expiration 
• Covers shipping + taxes

All #giveyourlovertheboot participants are eligible for 10% off their next DLC purchase, redeemable at any time (code will be emailed to you). 

We always love to hear your ideas - so feel free to book in a quick call!

We hope you and your loved one enjoy this playlist together as you dream up these boots. Compiled by The Blue Wranglers in honour of the first annual #giveyourlovertheboot sale!

*physical sizing packages will be mailed if time permits, otherwise we will provide a digital substitute
**foot massages recommended but 100% not included