We believe that a well-made boot can help you get to places you never thought you'd go. In order to do that, some careful measuring is required.

You will need:

- a friend!
- a thin sock
- a soft tailor’s measuring tape (if you don't have one, use a string and measure the string)
- 2 pieces of paper
- a sharp pencil

For an extra level of confidence, feel free to send a video of this tracing process, so that Dustin can verify that the measurements have been taken accurately.

Place your right foot on a paper. Apply SOME pressure, but not full weight.

On the same paper, have your friend complete 2 tracings:

- 1 tracing with pencil at vertical / 90° angle
- 1 tracing with pencil at 45° angle (so that pencil tip is slightly under your foot)

Be sure to clearly label each tracing (eg YOUR NAME-R45°, YOUR NAME-L90°).

Now, view the following measurements and their descriptions. Use the tailor’s measuring tape (pulled snug, but not tight!) to determine each measurement as illustrated below; add them to your tracing.

You should now have 7 or 8 measurements recorded, depending on the style of your custom boot:

    • ANKLE
    • HEEL
    • INSTEP
    • WAIST
    • BALL
    • LENGTH
    • WIDTH
    • CALF (only if requested)

⚡️Make small dots along each tracing to indicate where you have taken your LENGTH and WIDTH measurements, as demonstrated above.

⚡️ Carefully repeat this process for your left foot 

FOOT NOTES: Please feel free to include notes on anything you consider unique about your foot - narrow, wide, high arch, significant foot problems or general issues!

📷 SCAN or TAKE PHOTOS of your tracings! Click HERE to submit your measurements.

Above all, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding this process, since it is crucial for ensuring a proper fit!