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About Dust Leather Co.

Dust Leather Co. is a boutique handmade boot and leather-wares company headed by singer/songwriter, artist & entrepreneur Dustin Bentall, headquarted at the Stardust Trading Post in Clinton, BC (3 hours north of Hope, in Secwepemc-Shuswap Nation). A rustic troubadour, a counter-culture cowboy, and a purveyor in the finest of cosmic Canadiana, Dustin's work combines his passion for the timeless medium of leather with design informed by a life's love of classic cars, rock & roll and the road less traveled.

Equipped with strong hands, an inquisitive mind and an industrious spirit, he dedicated 2 weeks in early 2015 to explore a burgeoning fascination with the time-honoured craft of boot-making. He was immediately enamoured by this highly technical and challenging aspect of leather craft and consumed by an overwhelming pull towards producing high quality custom leather boots entirely by hand.

Since fashioning his first pair of boots, he has remained steadfast in his dedication to seek mastery in boot-making and has produced over 100 custom pairs for clients from all over the world.